About Me

Hi, my name is Kay! I've always heard you should speak things into existence so that's why I decided to name my website Kaysretiring.com....I guess it does work.  I'm officially retired from my job in the healthcare field and now I have the time to pursue things I love.  One of the things I love is online marketing.  I truly cannot get enough of it.  But what good is it if you can't make money at it.

That has become my passion, to help you succeed online.  I know what's it's like to struggle online, trying to join the best, the cheapest and fastest money maker online only to fail over and over.  Sometimes it just feels like you are on a roller coaster being tossed around with money just flying out of your pocket and you chasing it down to put it back in your pockets. 

I've had my share of those crazy days, looking at my credit card bills and wondering why the heck I bought into a new business only to see it flop and then I still had the bills I had to pay.  The turning point for me was when I finally made a very small amount of money.  It's a weird feeling but a powerful realization when you start making money....even if its just a little bit.

My goal is to help you make money.....that small amount of money so you can finally go on to make the big quit your job kind of money you want.   I love free stuff and I know free stuff can make you money so that's how I want to teach you to start making money online.   Look around my website, you'll find tons of free stuff, but that's just the beginning! 

Email: kay@kaysretiring.com