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Allow Me To Introduce Myself To You


I remember graduating in 1996.  I was the happiest person in the world.  I was so optimistic about the future and about my life. Until the reality of life began to dig it’s hooks into me.  Soon after graduating, life became about  WORK and BILLS. 

Everything revolved around work.  I quickly began to hate it.  I wanted money and time freedom and I knew working at a job would not allow me to have both.  What was even more frightening was seeing 50 and 60 year-olds complain that they will work til they die because they can’t see how they could ever afford to retire.

This entire realization led me early in my twenties to find a way to escape the job trap.  No I didn’t find it  easily.  I tried so many things, spent so much money trying, it’s really a humbling feeling now.  I failed miserable to the point that I had to file bankruptcy because of everything I’ve tried.

The Reason I’m Doing This

I’ve failed.  I’ve tried some more and I’ve failed some more.  I was always failing because I thought I could win the make money online game alone.  I thought I could be a one man show and make money by doing it all by myself. 

The truth came crashing down on me like a pile of bricks when I tried to for the last time to push threw and market like crazy to make my online business work.  It hit me hard when I realized I would always need “something” to help me make money with whatever business I promoted.  So it didn’t matter what business I joined, I would always need a service, a tool, and some guru to advise me to make it work. Plus I was already spending a whole lot of time in front of my computer working on my business and I knew that wouldn’t stop.
this is my working attireThat’s me at my job.  I love to have fun and smile but boy was it taking a toll on me. 

Sometimes  I get mistaken for a Nurse. A great compliment but I proudly represent the profession of a Medical Technologist aka Lab Tech.  I love helping people  but rushing to work and punching a time clock was not part of my fun.  

I was desperate to find a way out so after work I would slave on my computer for hours to make it online.

I was determined to make money online but I was beginning to think I was a total idiot  for  working on this “make money online” project  for so long and it just wasn’t  panning out.  Making money online was like working at a job!  It was sucking all my time and energy (just like a job) and I wasn’t seeing any substantial rewards.  

In a last ditched effort to “make it online” I joined what I thought would be my last program.  My plans was to give it my all no matter what, I was going to make it work. 

It was the stupidest and the smartest decision I ever made online.  I was stupid to think I could do that business  because I was going to do it the same way and following the same business principles that led me to failure.  But it was the smartest decision because it led me to find a mentor who showed me I didn’t have to drive myself nuts to make money online.   So that’s why I’m doing this.

I came online to make money…..that was it.  I didn’t come online to buy products to “learn” stuff and then go try and see if I could make it work for me.  That was like the job trap I was trying to escape…I bought an education from college,  found a job and then tried to see if the college education route would work out for me.   I realized after meeting my mentor that I didn’t want to work like a slave on the internet to make money, I just wanted to make money on auto-pilot.. and that’s what he showed me.  After he showed me what he was doing and “how” he was doing it, I realized what I was doing was critically flawed .

It was then that I realized that if I didn’t change the way I approached making money online I would never make a dime.  So what did he tell me?

Making Money Online Does Not Have To be Hard- this was my break-threw moment

What he shared with me, I will share with you because it is the single best advice I could have gotten that has made a huge difference in my business online.

Here’s the secret to making money online.  You have to have a system to make money online.   Simple isn’t it?  I know.  It’s not rocket science but honestly that idea of having a system to make money online was a concept I never used.   Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a moron who have never heard this before.  I’m not saying I didn’t know about the importance of a system.  What I’m saying is I never followed it online.

I always got my affiliate link and just go promote it, never really thinking about “how I would lead my prospects into my opportunity so they can join with me.  That’s what you might hear people calling a “sales funnel” these days.    Honestly I was so green I would just post my affiliate link and send people directly to the opportunity I was promoting.  Big no. no.

If you are advertising your business and you send someone directly to your opportunity you are doing it all wrong and that might be the reason why you are not making any money online.. (I know 100% that, that was my problem…not the opportunities I promoted)

Here’s what my mentor taught me.  If you send someone directly to your opportunity page, 99.9 % of the time, that person will not join it.  Even it’s it a not brainer, a great opportunity or whatever you want to label it as.  The person will go think about it, give themselves time to reason it threw and then when they have decided it’s right for them then they will join.  So if you just posted your link and they say it, after they click away (to go think about it) the chances of them finding YOUR affiliate join page to join with you is very slim.  The person will just google the opportunity and join with the first person who gives them a reason to join with them.   Do you see what I’m talking about here?

To make money online you have to have a system, that gets your leads and prospect threw a sales process so they never forget to join with you, and only you.   If you have a system, then your prospect will remember you, want to follow your system and will join with you because they see a way for themselves to do what you did.

Now, when my mentor kinda laid it out for me like that, I knew first hand that having a system works.  That’s how the big guys online are minting money.  But I had no idea how to find a sales system or how to build one.  I first started off getting a autoresponder, then I ended up getting a domain name and a hosting account (that’s how I ended up with this blog), then I got a leadpage software…….Are you seeing what’s happening here?

I was back in the loop of trying to make money online instead of making money.  Creating a winning system is hard work and it takes a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff to make it work. Then by trial and error, I guess maybe from doing this stuff so long it all came together and I developed a winning system that helped me recruit over 150 people into my business!!!

The system did all the work for me.  I didn’t have to call anyone or convince anyone to join with me.   People were joining me because they knew they would get help from me and they knew I had a system (that they themselves witnessed) that would work for them.  That’s what you want to do if you want to make money online.  Either create a system or join a system.

I wish I knew what I know now….but time has passed. I can’t undo the path that led me here, but you might be able to shorten the time you start making money online by reasoning this threw.  I learned the hard way.  My advice when someone ask how do you make money online…fast.   I tell them, find a system you can work, and just work it.  Don’t re-invent the wheel.

speed-1127654_1280Don’t re-invent the wheel.  Just get in and ride.  You’ll waste too much time and money building the car instead of just getting in and going where you need to go.

 Making money online should not be this hard  and it isn’t (I know that for a fact).  And that is what fuels me to be online and maintain this blog.

Now that’s my passion and what drove me to develop a FREE Marketing system anyone can use to make money.   I want to share with other frustrated marketers the joy, freedom, and relief that comes with making money on auto-pilot and having a system that does it for you.

vacationpool2 This is how I like to spend my time.  Making money online allows me piece of mind now.  It’s so refreshing to just be myself without trying to please anyone because they might not join my business.  That’s what having a system does.

vacation_scenery11  If you are online to make money and have been struggling , like I use to, smile my friend, because you are near the end.

I created a Free Marketing System that you can join for FREE Today and use as your own to make money with.  This system will do all the selling and telling for you just like it has for me.

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I wish you all the best and wild mad success online,