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How To Make A Video to upload on Youtube Free Software Debut Video Capture Software

Here’s a tutorials of how to create youtube Videos using a Free Software called Debut Video Capture Software

First – Download the Debut Video Capture software. See Video below

Correction: In the video I mentioned I use Google Chrome as my browser. Actually I don’t. I do a lot of searches on Google but my actual browser is FIREFOX. Firefox is what allowed me to have the little download arrow I mentioned in the video. Sorry for the slip. maps_training_firefox barClick here to Download the software


Second – Find the software on your Computer and start Using it

Here’s the tutorial page to get more training on how to use it. This is a very short, action pack tutorial. You only need the first 2 minutes to see how to use the software.

Third – Upload your video to Youtube –
For this to work well you have to have a Youtube account, you
need a gmail account,  So go to google and sign up for a  free gmail account.  You can find step by step instructions here :    Click Here

When you get one you will be able to upload your video to your youtube  account attached to the gmail email address you have.  Come back here and follow along as I show you how to
upload a video.  You can do this all in one day.

How to upload you Video to You tube

How to save Your  Debut screen capture video so you can upload it to youtube.

I know this is a little backwards, I seemed to have missed a step and I really  want you to get the most out of this tutorial.  So bare with me.  This video is catch all to give you all the info you need to  make sure everything goes smoothly for you.