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Free screen capture software -How to Train your Downline with screen capture shots

If you have a downline one of the problem you will encounter is helping them market the business online.  Not everyone in your downline will know what your are talking about unless you show them a picture of exactly what they should look at and what they should do.  This is where taking a screen shot  of your screen or a screen shot of anything you want them to see is so important.

By taking a screen shot of what you want people to see you’ll stand a better chance that they will get the message and act on it.  This video shows you the easiest FREE screen capture marketers love because you don’t have to download images to your pc, you can simply take a screen shot of your PC screen and send it off to someone very easily.  Check out the quick video to see how to get and use this free screen capture software


Check out this in-dept Bonus video to see how to get the most out of the screen capture software.  And Click here to Download the software